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By Doc Lawrence

SUMMERVILLE, GA- Rev. Howard Finster was Georgia’s spiritual Rock of Gibraltar, a man of God who had divinely-inspired visions and acted upon them. His art works were dated and numbered and total in the many thousands. Few remember him as a musician. The self taught artist and country preacher was also an accomplished Bluegrass banjo picker, and he loved music. Like everything about Rev. Finster, music, like all God’s children, was the sum of component parts.

In the world of Finster-and it remains a very good world-we are one.

Finster Fest was one of my memorable journeys. This year, with some new life breathed into it, it’s being held at the park in Summerville. It’s an easy drive from Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Birmingham and worth the time. If you hear reggae, country, rock, gospel, bluegrass, R & B (chances are you will), all the better. In past years during Finster Fest, I sat on the porch with Rev. Finster while all kinds of diverse music was playing and listened to this grand man of tell me about his favorite scripture. He never once failed to say that God loved me.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet Rev. Finster’s close friend, Chicago gallery owner David Leonardis. David, a wonderful young man, has introduced Finster’s art to new generations and to an expanded audience. He has invested resources into preserving the Finster legacy here and throughout the world. Stop be the Howard Finster Vision House, once Rev. Finster’s home where he received his mission from above to create art, and look for David Leonardis at the two-day festival.

I’ll be there Saturday, May 5 and Sunday as well.. It will be like old times and you’ll love the folk art, colorful countryside, music, good food and fellowship.

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