Monday, October 8, 2018


Fancy Appetizers, Canap├ęs, Petit Fours, Egg Nog and More

~Doc Lawrence

The holidays are much closer and now is the time to give serious thought to all those warm and wonderful gatherings. Decorations, dates and times, invitations and what to eat and drink.

You can almost feel the joy of anticipation right now.

Over the past 20 years, I've been honored to share original recipes with a wonderful audience. This year, it should be extra special. So-called finger food defines the theme of the gathering, whether before the Thanksgiving feast, Christmas gathering of New Year's celebrations which often combine football watching.

And no right minded host would ever neglect this delightful sweets morsels with coffee or after-dinner drinks. Celebrating all we love is no time for restraint. That's for the dreary days of January and February.

Send your favorite recipes either to my email: or on Facebook as a message (Doc Lawrence will get you there). If you have an image, all the better. We'll publish the best based on originality and these will appear in magazines, newspapers, online and on the air.