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Basil Hayden's Bourbon

Nothing brings more joy than giving. It’s mutually rewarding when we give something useful that is not so readily available. Here are just a few suggestions that won’t break the bank and likely will appeal to the home chef and those who love the gourmet lifestyle.

The Beka Cookware 11-Inch Chef Crepe/ Pancake Pan is one of the most useful and practical ways to make crepes and is available at
The Honey Baked company also produces the delicious HoneyBaked Ham Cajun turkey breast which pairs nicely with a Chateau St. Michelle Riesling. Talbott Teas has the Ultimate Gift Set.  Steeped in style and packaged in sleekly sophisticated tins, it explores combinations of unexpected flavors, spices and aromas.

For that picnic or long trip, the VinniBag is an inflatable pouch that secures and protects wines by conforming to the shape, safeguarding fragile items against breaks and the rest of your bag from spills.  Specifically designed to withstand high altitude and cushion impact. From Hannon Group, the Sachi Vino Insulated Wine Totes,, holds up to three bottles with a fully lined insulated silver interior that makes it easy to transport wine and maintain the temperature.   Ayala’s Sparkling Herbal Water offers a mixer infusing unique herb flavors with your favorite alcoholic drinks, and makes for great holiday entertaining. Available at, it comes in three invigorating flavors, Lemongrass Mint Vanilla, Cinnamon Orange Peel, and Ginger Lemon Peel.

Cleaning with a green commitment is a snap with products like E-Cloth CleanSafe Screen Cleaning Kit, perfect for cleaning all electronic screens. The company, Tadgreen,, produces Ecarcare Interior Car Cleaning Kit, E-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth and E-cloth Drinkware Drying and Polishing Towel.
E-cloth's advanced fiber technology removes dust, dirt, and grease without damaging the screen's surface coatings
For 20 years, the Women's Bean Project has employed women from backgrounds of chronic unemployment and poverty, and helps them develop the work and interpersonal skills needed to function independently in the workplace and community. Through employment in the food manufacturing business, these women earn a steady paycheck, develop solid transferable work skills and strengthen self-confidence and personal responsibility. 65 percent of the nonprofit's revenue comes from its product sales which include gourmet ready-to-make food products (i.e. soups, mixes, dips, etc.), gift baskets, and jewelry specially designed for the Women's Bean Project. I recommend their products without hesitation.

From the legendary American Bourbon heritage of Kentucky comes Basil Hayden Bourbon, the Super-Premium small-batch bourbon with a distinct flavor profile that features a mild 80 proof and twice the rye of traditional bourbons, making it extremely smooth and approachable. With citrus overtones and a spicy finish, Basil Hayden’s balance of taste and flavor make this spirit a sophisticated choice for both bourbon novices and connoisseurs. One of Doc’s favorites and the ultimate stocking stuffer. Available at fine liquor stores.

Soirée is a "wine decanter" that fits into the top of a wine bottle. Made from handcrafted glass, it is a pouring device that infuses oxygen into wine and decants the wine while it’s poured. Aerating the wine helps to open up the wine, and allow all of the wonderful flavors to come out. A special gift for any wine lover, Soirée can be used for red or white wine, fits into any wine bottle and comes with a convenient drying rack/stand.

Champagne is the way we bring in the New Year and renew old acquaintances. Only flute glasses befit the ritual and the fines sets are from Spiegelau. The Hybrid set is boxed tastefully, and contains the flutes you need to kick-start 2011.

Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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