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Silky Sullivan, owner and manager of Silky O’Sullivan’s Pub, the legendary watering hole and award-winning restaurant on Memphis’ storied Beale Street declared his operation as the top gathering spot for University of Georgia football fans visiting the city that gave birth to Rock and Roll during the Liberty Bowl festivities at the end of December. “My heart will always have a connection to the Georgia campus,” said Sullivan, a noted raconteur and the 2011 Mardi Gras King in New Orleans. Sullivan was a student at the University of Georgia in the early 1960’s.

Sullivan, who has close connections to the Liberty Bowl, said he would have his facility decorated in red and black, Georgia’s football uniform colors and unviel a new cocktail dubbed “The Rabid Dog.” Describing the concoction as “more than potent--one drink and you’ll go mad unless you get another.” Each fan, said Sullivan, ordering a Rabid Dog gets a free souvenir cup honoring the Liberty Bowl.

O’Sullivan’s, one of the best known party spots in the Deep South, features live Memphis-style blues and rock seven days each week and stays packed during Liberty Bowl revelry each year, according to Sullivan. “Georgia is different,” he observed. “They get preferential treatment at my club because I am a Bulldog with strong emotional connections and could not be happier that they will be playing in the city where I live and work.

O’Sullivan’s has a reputation, according to Mr. Sullivan, for attracting celebrities including Hollywood legends like Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt, along with Memphis natives Cybill Shepard and Kathy Bates, an Academy Award winner. Sullivan, who grew up a short distance from Graceland also knew Elvis Presley well and counts among his customers sports and music stars ranging from Terry Bradshaw, Archie, Peyton and Eli Manning to Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bono, Willie Nelson and many others. The late Lewis Grizzard, a famous Georgia graduate and popular humor columnist, dropped in regularly for libations, said Sullivan. A Sullivan favorite was the late Sam Phillips, founder of Memphis headquartered Sun Records.

While music and cocktails are in abundance, Sullivan urged Bulldog fans not to overlook his menu. “We are proud winners at Memphis in May (the annual food competition that draws an international audience) for our ribs and for our seafood. A Southern cook and restaurant can’t get higher honors.”

“We’ll start welcoming Georgia Bulldog fans on December 27th,” said Sullivan, “and keep everything rocking until the game is over on New Year’s Eve. Then, we’ll finish off the year with the biggest victory party Memphis has ever seen.”

Silky O’Sullivan’s Pub is located one block from The Peabody Hotel, headquarters for the Georgia football squad and dignitaries, and is an easy walk to museums, art galleries, music landmarks and unique attractions in downtown Memphis.

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