Saturday, February 18, 2012



By Doc Lawrence

I learned to cook, drink good wine and enjoy the culinary pleasures of life sitting in front of the television on Saturdays, watching wizards like Julia Child, Justin Wilson, Nathalie Dupree and John Folse make magic in their studio kitchens. John Folse’s “A Taste of Louisiana,” became a weekly ritual, one of those pleasures where you learned something about joie de vivres, Louisiana style, meaning good manners, soft spoken humor and elegantly prepared dishes. 

Chef John Folse invited me to be his guest on the amazingly entertaining radio show, “Stirrin' it Up.” We talked about wines that we used in cooking, poaching, baking and in particular which wines worked best with particular dishes. “You can’t go wrong using any wine,” said the chef with laughter, “but if you want a white sauce, maybe you shouldn’t put red wine in unless pink is the desired effect. “

Accompanied by his accomplished staff of Michaela York and Dr. Shirley Sands, we explored a few boutique Southern wineries, particularly the outstanding Ponchatrain Winery in Covington, Louisiana where John Seago produces a red Cynthiana/Norton, a knockout white with Florida origins named Blanc du Bois and the delicious after dinner wine, Port of New Orleans.

The show will be aired on March 3 and you can listen using this link:

Inspired by such greats as Chef John Folse, I took a little trip down to the Mississippi Gulf vacation paradise of Biloxi and Gulfport, eating oysters raw and served as they say there, "every which away." The friendliest folks in America know how to cook and entertain. Stay tuned for a bunch of stories about this divine experience here and in my magazine columns.

Meanwhile, you will want to join in the festivities as Florida gets set to celebrate  its 500th anniversary.Here's one of many stories I will be producing through 2013:

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