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By Doc Lawrence

ATLANTA-Soon the grills will be set up outside college football stadiums and the pre-game tailgating tradition will begin all the way into next year. The tailgating feast, born in the Civil War, is pure Americana and showcases some of the best late summer and fall food and beverages.

 I’m searching for the best of the best for my annual series of tailgating stories: Favorite recipes. Beverages with names that reflect a school’s mascot or nickname. Especially photos that capture the tailgating spirit. Cocktails with names like Seminole Sangria, Bulldog Big Bite, 'Bama Bloody Mary, Clemson Cooler, Auburn Eye-Opener, Miami Martini, Gator Snapper, Carolina Cooler or Tennessee Stud and what’s in these and the others we don’t know about yet but would want to drink and enjoy?

Recipes including casseroles, grilled shrimp wrapped in bacon, fried chicken, catfish, homemade and artisan sausage, desserts, and all things delicious will be featured with credits given to the originator. Plus potent punch creations, different Sangria recipes, appropriate wines, craft beers, new cocktails and anything that helps tell the tailgating story. Priority will be given to originality and imagination. These stories and recipes plus colorful photos will appear in my regular food, wine and spirits columns, broadcasts and television shows, now through the end of this year.

Photos of enthusiastic fans feasting in stadium parking lots are always welcome! Send them to me:

                  May your team go undefeated!

Just published. The Year of Alabama Food:

East Tennessee Vacation:

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