Wednesday, March 27, 2013



“Music is love, and love is music
      In perfect harmony.
So when I sing, I have sung all about
    The love of you and me.”
                        B. B. King

By Doc Lawrence

MEMPHIS--Blues legend B.B. King released a new line of signature wines bearing his name across the United States. The Rock and Roll and Blues Hall of Famer debuted the B.B. King Signature Collection here in
Memphis and also in Nashville. The good news is that the wines are headed for other markets including Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, New Orleans and everywhere Americans gather to celebrate life

The introduction fanfare brought to mind what Wynton Marsalis once said at Emory University when a student asked him what the blues meant. “The blues,” maestro Marsalis responded, “is a way of never giving in, no matter how tough life is.” As I took a first sip, I thought about all the times I saw B. B. King, going back to my teenage years in Atlanta when, during the heyday of racial segregation, I enjoyed King and other performing legends like Little Richard, Ray Charles and Big Joe Turner at the landmark Royal Peacock on the city’s ”Sweet Auburn” Avenue.

These experiences, then and now are transformational.

B.B. King’s wines include a red and a white. Both wines are sourced from the award winning Bodega Santa Cruz Winery, which has been producing wine for over 60 years and is located in the D.O. wine region of Almansa, Spain. The red is a Crianza blend made from Garnacha, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and the B.B. King white is from 100% Verdejo grapes.

For more than half a century, Riley B. King has defined the blues for a worldwide audience. Since he started recording in the 1940s, he has released over 50 albums, many of them global classics. Over the years, B.B. King has become one of the most renowned blues musicians and developed one of the world’s most identifiable guitar styles, which earned him a #3 spot on Rolling Stone’s Top Guitarists of All Time list. B.B. King was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. He has received more than 15 Grammy awards and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in 1987. At 87, King continues to tour and averages 250 concerts per year around the world.

Hardly slowing down, B. B. King successfully introduced these new bottles of wine that like his songs, are filled with joy.

A perfect pairing with the blues, good conversation and Southern food, both wines are easy to enjoy for everyday drinking. After a couple of glasses and some great Memphis barbecue, things seemed a little better. It’s the power of the blues and good wine, B.B. King’s gift to the world.

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