Friday, November 29, 2013


Celebrating in Historic Stone Mountain Village

By Doc Lawrence

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA-The holiday celebrations began not long after Thanksgiving dinner was finished. Since my baby days in Atlanta, the historic and lovely village of nearby Stone Mountain has launched the holiday season with a parade complete with marching bands and a plump red-faced Santa riding on a well-crafter sleigh. This year’s edition topped them all, combining good late autumn weather with the joyful noise of excited children and the wonderful sounds of the season.

Georgia artist Olivia Thomason’s latest painting says it better visually than I can with words. Christmas here beside the state’s world famous mountain and popular park is inclusive. It’s all about fun and the joys of this special time of year showcased in a village that looks pretty much like it did in the 19th century. The prevailing spirit is cheer, good hopes and precious memories. We take time to join together in one extended effort before concluding another year.

On a clear night near the base of the mighty mountain, many say they can hear music coming from somewhere. A few report seeing angels above the mountain joining in the festivities.

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