Thursday, March 6, 2014



 "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans"
                                                   Woody Allen

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA- It’s the unchallenged headquarters of live theater in this area of metropolitan Atlanta. With the mighty granite sentinel Stone Mountain hovering over, David Thomas’ theatrical company housed in Art Station after so many years continues to present high quality comedy, drama and musicals. The current production, Making God Laugh is a gem of a play and you need to cancel movie plans and get over and behold this before Sunday’s final performance.

Making God Laugh is a touching and heartwarming family comedy that takes place in four holiday scenes at a family home, each ten years apart.  Scene one is Thanksgiving, 1980.  Next is Christmas, 1990, followed by New Year's Eve, 2000 and finally, a family gathering for Easter in 2010.  It begins with two middle-aged parents and three children in their twenties gathered at the family home for the holidays.  Old family rituals are observed, dubious recipes trotted out as old wounds surface.  Near the end, the children are middle age and no one's life has quite gone according to plans. Sound familiar?

Making God Laugh says you can go home again, but is it a good idea? The talented cast features Matt Baum, Ellen McQueen, Benjamin Mitchell, Frank Roberts and Tania Yegelwel.

David Thomas-playwright, artistic director and visionary community leader- has deep roots in Georgia’s arts community beginning as Director of Grants for the Georgia Council for the Arts, the state’s arts agency and a division of the Governor’s Office. He conceived, wrote and directed From My Grandmother’s Grandmother Unto Me, performed at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, which toured the United States and was featured in the Cultural Olympiad of the Winter Olympic Games in Norway.

Art Station is an epicenter of creative energy and boundless vision. The highly popular Cabaret debuted last year and remains one of the top places in the state offering live music by virtuoso musicians like Janet Metzger and Tony Hays where you can dine and enjoy wonderful libations in an intimate club setting. Michelle Martin performs this month and just might be persuaded to do a few Patsy Cline songs.

 Upcoming productions include Southern Ghosts, April 24-27 and Life Could Be A Dream, July 10-27.. For tickets,

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