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By Doc Lawrence

Michel McKinley (L),  Susan Coletti (C) and Pat Wheeler
STONE MOUNTAIN, GA-The season’s first local grown heirloom tomatoes quickly sold out. Peaches just hours from being picked in Pearson Orchards in middle Georgia were bagged and headed home for that special recipe cobbler or homemade ice cream. Farmers Markets, once just local produce stands, have been cropping up in the Atlanta region for a few years and now one of the newest is making a statement in the historic Village of Stone Mountain.

Mechel McKinley, the city’s Downtown Development executive director said the market was “a great idea that benefits the city and something new everyone can enjoy.” She addedthat with so much tourist and bicycling traffic generated by Stone Mountain Park’s continuing popularity, the city’s new market is a natural stop off for visitors.

Dekalb County is no stranger to these havens of freshness. Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market near Decatur lays claim as the largest indoor market of its kind on earth. And it just launched a 100-acre expansion. The City of Decatur has a well-established popular street market and the list goes on.

Smoked Goat cheese with Horseradish is Hot Item
Stone Mountain’s market has a bunch of advantages. First, it is highly accessible, located in the parking area on Main Street. Then, there’s all the stunning history. The old train terminal survived the Battle of Atlanta. The March to the Sea began in the area. There is even a monument to “Sherman’s Neckties” at the end of the market space.

Art Station, a center for live theater and cabaret plus a gallery of original art is a block away and shopping at places like Sassy’s can yield some handmade jewelry, collectible books or one of resident Olivia Thomason’s heralded paintings.

Fresh food is the draw at the market. Artisan cheeses, herbs, a variety of fruits and vegetables and pastries come with good conversation. There’s no charge for friendly chats.

Stone Mountain’s market has a very bright future. Where else in America can you climb landmark granite mountain and after the trek, go shopping nearby and come home with a bag of delicious heirloom tomatoes?

The Farmers Market in Stone Mountain Village is every Tuesday beginning at 4 p.m. Parking is free. More information:

Olivia Thomason (left) Buys Vegetables from Circle M Farm

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  1. Come over and enjoy the Stne Mountain Farmers Market. The heirloom tomatoes are just picked