Tuesday, January 6, 2015


                                  “Delta is ready when you are!”
                                                Lewis Grizzard’s Advice to Critics

Bill Oberst, Jr. as Lewis Grizzard
By Doc Lawrence

Has it been that long since Lewis Grizzard left us? On the road, when  I’m identified as a Georgia boy, his name and stories regularly enter the conversation. “Did you know him? some ask. First time I met Lewis was at Manuel’s Tavern during my Emory days. He was introduced to me by the legendary bar owner as “a bright sportswriter who may have a future.”

Soon, Grizzard left for a sports reporter position in Chicago, which, by all accounts he hated. “The only good thing about Chicago,” he later said, “is Interstate 65 south.”

That was Lewis the funny guy who would say anything as long as it was on target or outrageous. I had some time with him over the years but was never a member of his inner circle. My admiration was from his columns and recordings, many of which are classics of Southern humor.

Now, the fine actor Bill Oberst, Jr. has mastered the challenge of becoming the stage version of Lewis. Successfully channeling Lewis by delighting audiences throughout the country, For the 13th straight year Oberst brings the humorist back to Stone Mountain’s acclaimed Art Station Theatre. Count on two hours of laughs, priceless memories and maybe a few tears. When, through Oberst, Lewis warns to “never eat barbecue in North Carolina,” you’ll look around to see who isn’t laughing. His story about Sherman’s massive army stopped dead in their tracks by a Confederate sniper on Stone Mountain is a classic. And when Lewis reminds everyone to call their mother, I join many others in wiping away some tears.

“Lewis Grizzard: In His Own Words” is performed on January 15, 16 and 17 at 8 PM and Sunday January 18 at 3 PM. See www.artstation.org for more information.