Thursday, May 14, 2015


Food Friendly and Affordable

By Doc Lawrence

Carolina Stupino Pours Barbaresco
ATLANTA- Italy grows more grape varieties than any country in the world.  I attended and thoroughly enjoyed a high-level introduction to these great wines produced by the Leonardo LoCascio Collection and themed as Vini d' Italia held at the prestigious Studio C at King Plow Arts Center

More than 1200 grape varieties are grown in Italy producing more than 3000 specific wines. For Southern enthusiasts, the most familiar Italian reds include Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Primitivo, Nero d’Avola, and Negroamaro. Well-known Italian whites are Pinot Gris, Glera, Trebbiano, Cortese, and Garganega. Italian white wines are generally easy to drink and seafood-friendly, while the reds are hugely varied. 

Italy is surrounded on three sides by bodies of water. These help regulate temperature and water supply. This is important in southern Italy, where it would otherwise be too hot to grow grapes.

Almost like a spine, the Apennine Mountains run through the length of Italy, creating valleys with thousands of microclimates to grow grapes. The islands of Sicily and Sardinia are hot and dry with plentiful sunshine. In northern Italy, cool, dry winds blow down from the Alps. The rivers that course through the Alps are used to irrigate northern Italy’s plains.

I became particularly interested in Castello Di Neive’s vast portfolio. After wine and conversation, I decided that a trip there is necessary to enjoy the astonishing beauty of the Castle, the friendliness of its owner and  staff and, of course, for all of its remarkable wines, particularly its famous Barbarescos.

King Plow Arts Center is located in an old plow factory not far from CNN Center.. Here, you’ll find the nationally acclaimed theatrical company Actor’s Express, along with dozens of studios and offices representing everything from Hollywood  movies to high end catering.

The wine event introduced exceptional wines from Italy.. Many of the wines pair beautifully with the cuisine of the Deep South and the future here for such glorious products is endless: Seafood, delights from the grill and our own interpretations of dishes from Italy.

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