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By Doc Lawrence

Stone Mountain Village
DECATUR, Georgia- It's fun writing about such a glorious area of the South. Dekalb, part of the Atlanta region is centered around the very dynamic city of Decatur, childhood home of author and NPR regular, Roy Blount, Jr. and past Poet Laureate of America Natahsa Threteway. The city now claims the distinction of being one of the red-hot culinary destinations of the region, with restaurants like The Kimball House garnering national acclaim. It's a walking town with sidewalks and streetlamps, park benches, galleries and concerts. Smiles are everywhere.

Nearby Emory University, the internationally recognized medical research center, is home to the magnificent Carlos Museum and the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. You can view mummies and take in a symphony concert all with just a short walk. Many see other pedestrians on campus including Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama.

Residential areas like Druid Hills are notable for parks, creeks, foliage and some genuine landmark homes. This is where you find the "Driving Miss Daisy" home and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. along with stunning Callanwolde.

The Buford Highway corridor is several miles of Asian and Latino restaurants, shops and markets unlike anything this side of California. Like the accents, food served mirrors the cultures that thrive here, offering up dishes rarely seen in the South.

Then, there's Stone Mountain Park, Georgia's most popular and a refuge from the big city. Climb it-thousands do-and see the Atlanta skyline and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The adjoining Historic Village of Stone Mountain features Art Station, a heralded theatrical company, art gallery and cabaret.

Here's an exciting video produced by our friends at Discover Dekalb. Enjoy it and you'll want to visit!

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