Monday, January 25, 2016


Global Barbecue in Tennessee
Speaking of Travel

ASHEVILLE, NC-Travel cleanses the soul of clutter, replacing doldrums with excitement. There’s something about new faces and places that ignites inner wanderlust, the better part of us that yearns to break out.

My good friend, the remarkable travel journalist Marilyn Ball, surprised me, wanting to do an interview for her radio show/podcast about things I found on the roads of the South. How do you say no to that? I was honored, particularly because Marilyn, a super professional interviewer, sticks to a format of free-wheeling dialogue (no rules!)

Doc at Hemingway's Home
We started with Atlanta’s Gone With The Wind Trail, beginning at the Margaret Mitchell House on Peachtree Street, then over to The Atlanta History Center, finishing off half a day in Marietta before going over to Decatur to talk about Mary Gay, likely one of the influences for Scarlett O’Hara. Next, we ventured into Tennessee’s heartland with a couple of days at Jack Daniel’s fabled distillery in Lynchburg for the annual International barbecue competition, visits to nearby Bell Buckle and Parish Patch finishing at a gourmet dinner at Cortner Mill Restaurant beside the mighty Duck River.

Come on along and enjoy Marilyn’s wonderful show:

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