Monday, March 14, 2016

Colette Paul's Poems Soar


”Stumbling blocks are not a means to quit, yet a means to grow
I will keep riding this wave to express and share God's gift.”
                             From Butterflies Dance in the Rain by Colette V. Paul

By Doc Lawrence

ATLANTA-Poets sometimes come into your life just as you really need them. One fine day almost 10 years ago, Colette Paul introduced herself to me in Atlanta’s Peachtree Center where we both worked. She wanted to be a writer, she said, and our conversation-the first of many-marked the beginning of a friendship that I treasure. Listening to her then and over the years is t

o enjoy a voice infused with emotions that can only come from the soul of a good woman, who reveals with her published effort, that she is also an outstanding poet with a very bright future.

Ms. Paul’s wonderful collection of poems, Butterflies Dance in the Rain, is her testimony of survival. A single parent whose life journey has experienced the sting of racism, the beauty of love, the fulfillment that springs from self-discovery also reveals impressive determination: she never gave in to lesser instincts believing in the power of her better angels to show the way. Poets are uniquely empowered to do these survival essentials better than most of us.

Poetry embraces the cadence of heartbeats, and leads us to choose the path of universal principles. Poems are part of a journey to a higher life. Much of Colette Paul’s work reminds me of the poetry by Emory University professor Natasha Thretawey, a Pulitzer Prize recipient who recently served as United States Poet Laureate. Both were born and raised in the Deep South and through the synthesis of imagery combined with powerful experience tell stories that need telling.
Which brings me to say thank you to Ms. Paul. She trusted me to guide her, make suggestions and provide encouragement, and I am honored. I rejoice at her triumph. Butterflies suggests that we will soon be seeing more wonderful work by this gifted rising star poet.

Colette Paul’s life is in her poetry. Butterflies Dance in the Rain is written in harmony with the sights and sounds of life. Read this when you feel a little down. Her voice is in her verse that becomes an uplifting tonic inspiring a celebration of each new day.

NOTE: Butterflies Dance in the Rain is available on Amazon. It will make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day.

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  1. Thank you so much,Doc! I'm in tears reading this lovely review! Thank you for your guidance throughout the years!