Monday, April 4, 2016

Atlanta Welcomes A Family of Wines

Rich, Bold & Luscious
        Napa Comes To Georgia      

A Lush Chardonnay

By Doc Lawrence

ATLANTA-Michele and John Truchard set a goal to become successful wine producers by 15 years from the commitment. “We accomplished this,” John revealed during an intimate wine luncheon during the hectic schedule demands of the High Museum of Atlanta’s Wine Auction. The Truchards, blessed with electric good looks and sparkling personalities, poured from an array of  several bottles, pairing Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon from their Napa operation with duck confit, catfish, and other menu items.

Accompanied by two of Georgia’s top writers and wine commentators, Jane Garvey and Greg McCluny, we met at White Oak restaurant on historic Peachtree Street for a session that included baseball talk (Michele and John are devoted San Francisco Giants fans), family ancestry and their wines. Was there a showstopper among the wines sampled?

Talking Baseball and Wines
Butter-that’s the label-proved to be a California Chardonnay that lived up to the name. Made in the great tradition of Californian wine, it’s 100% Chardonnay that melts in your mouth. “We cold ferment the grapes,” Michele said, “to create a rich, creamy texture that complements their juicy, ripe notes of stone fruits and baked lemons. Aging in a proprietary blend of oak adds a long, lovely vanilla finish.” She added that “everything’s better with butter!”

JaM Cabernet Sauvignon was introduced as Butter’s little brother. Made from 100% Cab it was loaded with ripe, dark berries and plums, sporting a rich, velvety mouth feel. This easy-drinking Cab doesn’t need to wait for a gourmet meal, according to John. “It’s right at home in the sunshine, at sunset with a backyard burger or Georgia barbecue.”

In 1890 John's great grandfather Jean-Marie Truchard arrived in America from France through Ellis Island. The long journey took several generations of the family to Texas and then Nevada. finishing the trek in California. Wine making was always a family goal and partnered with Michele, the 15-year benchmark was reached long before joining us here in the Deep South.
The Family in the Vineyard

“We enjoy,” Michele said, “making wines that are rich, bold, luscious and easy.” That’s very near to what most Atlanta wine enthusiasts might describe as their own hoped-for experience as they uncork a bottle.

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