Monday, May 16, 2016


Color Vibe Fun Run With Breakfast

By Doc Lawrence

Magnolia In Full Bloom
STONE MOUNTAIN, GA- Saturday down South became a magnolia morning with the air perfumed by the many white blossoms in full splendor. The sky was a baby blue umbrella and dew was still on the grass, as neighbors gathered to watch over five thousand participants in the nearby park warm up for the Color Vibe 5K run, a family-friendly event showcasing the power and the glory of good-will, fellowship and friendly competition. Now in its third year in Stone Mountain, the historic village just outside Atlanta, Color Vibe is a firmly established springtime tradition.
The Race Begins!

“This is a huge success for the community,” said Kim Cumbie who directs the Stone Mountain Visitors Center and is the Color Vibe event coordinator. What makes this a unique version of Color Vibe, a Utah-headquartered organization, is that Stone Mountain is a small town. “Most of their races are in larger cities and in parks or stadiums. This is in a lovely residential area deeply steeped in history. It has impressed their leaders.”

There was a bonus for those watching the race: Breakfast al fresco on Ann Hamby’s lawn just above the starting line. An accomplished cook who entertains with unbridled enthusiasm, Ms. Hamby uncovered a spread that included a choice of sausage and ham biscuits,  fresh fruits and a variety of pastries featuring some divine cinnamon rolls served with hot coffee,  juices and variety of drinks from a large tub.

Kim Cumbie
The runners, an assemblage of young adults, seniors, teens and small children, came together from places ranging from nearby cities to those a good distance away like Athens. Some were racing in wheelchairs and a few had babies comfortably strapped to their backs. Covered with blasts of harmless colored powder made of cornstarch, everyone suddenly seemed iridescent purple and red. Laugher and shouts of glee blended seamlessly with music booming from the park.

We had the advantage of observing, cheering them on while enjoying breakfast.

What about next year? “This is now part of our community,” responded Kim Cumbie with her trademark bubbly optimism. “It introduces us to so many nice people and inspires them to come back and visit, shop and learn more about us. That is a priceless benefit.”

The living was sweet and easy on this Saturday morning, enriched by the gathering of good people taking time to smell the magnolias.


  1. Saturday was my husband and I first time experiencing Stone Mountain's Color Vibe Race. I live in Henry County and must admit I'm a bit jealous of all the fun. I did not run I helped throw colors.
    It was like we were all kids at recess dressed in our fun costumes trying to have all the fun we could before they called us back in to class.
    I was blessed to enjoy Ms. Hamby's delicious spread of food and hospitality. It truly was a gift to experience thank you Chakira Johnson for the invite.

  2. Thank you Kim Cumbie and the Color Vibe staff for bringing together so many wonderful people to celebrate life. I served as a volunteer for this event and enjoyed the event and the people so much. The DJ was absolutely the best.