Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Paranormal Events In Georgia

Stone Mountain Ghost Sightings 

By Doc Lawrence

The Ghost Herd
STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA –As warned by a neighbor, I heard the awesome thunder from the herd of horses late one night.  These noises and sightings are just part of the lore that permeates so much of the historic village of Stone Mountain. Are these ghost horses part of the cavalry from General Sherman’s invading army in 1864? Or, earlier visitors like Spanish Conquistadors? While I may never know the answers, take it to the bank that I’m not the only one who hears the roar. Some claim to have seen
the horses.

We celebrate the paranormal in my little town just outside Atlanta.

 For the 31st consecutive year, ART Station will produce A Tour of Southern Ghosts, the “spooktacular” story-telling festival hosted by Stone Mountain Park. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening between October 11-30, Stone Mountain Park’s Historic Square is the setting for this unique event that celebrates the delightful Southern tradition of telling incredible stories about ghosts, spirits, phantoms, specters, ghouls and other apparitions.

A Tour of Southern Ghosts is the perfect family outing for a lovely fall evening - right in time to get in the mood for Halloween,” says David Thomas, President and Artistic Director of ART Station. “Join us at this bewitching time of the year for a ghost tour that features fun and spooky ghost stories from the Antebellum South that are suitable for all ages. Along the lantern-lit paths of one of the South’s most authentic – and spookiest! – plantations, you’ll meet six professional storytellers (alternating nightly) who will share their ‘real Southern’ ghost stories. It makes for a great Atlanta family tradition – and it is only here that you will experience the real Southern Boo Y’all!”
This year’s “A Tour of Southern Ghosts” features stories that run the gamut of the “ghost story” tradition.  The stories range from the “so scary” to the “that’s really funny” type of ghost story.  Come out to “A Tour of Southern Ghosts” and hear the antics of our favorite friends (ghosts) during this bewitching season of the year.  This years cast includes: Fracena Byrd, David Hirt, Linda Hoffman, Will Johnston, Nancy Knight, Holly McClure, Nancy Riggs, Lester Thomas, Anthony Vinson, Tracy Walker and Jeanne Wesson.

A Tour of Southern Ghosts takes place between 7-9PM on Thursday and Sunday evenings, and from 7-9:30PM on Fridays and Saturdays.     

Screams from the Mountain
A Tour of Southern Ghosts is produced by ART Station, a contemporary arts center in Historic Stone Mountain Village adjacent to Stone Mountain Park.  Founded in 1986, ART Station provides cultural and educational opportunities to the entire community, focusing its programming on quality works of southern arts and artists.

For additional information: (770) 469-1105 or visit

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