Sunday, January 29, 2017


Fans will be relieved to learn that next Sunday’s championship showdown popularly known as the Superbowl will lack the suspense of waiting for an outcome. I’ve done a survey of trusted sources and the consensus, not surprisingly, favors the Atlanta Falcons by a comfortable margin.

Coach Curley Burnell, long retired but still closely observing the game he loves, serves as a source for many sports interests who make it their business to know as much as possible about the skills and realistic potential of top teams. “I’m going with Julio Jones and Matt Ryan,” says the jovial retiree. “Having them paired with that impressive running game makes them way too formidable.”

“New England,” adds Wade Steefel, a longtime sports writer now retired in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, “is a little old now and I don’t think they can keep up with Atlanta to the end.” Steefel is a Patriots fan, but cautions that he is also “a realist.”

The most reliable prediction comes from Foster, my grandson, a sports fanatic and devotee of the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Falcons. Over the years, he’s called out the winners with eerily accurate score predictions. His crystal ball reading for next Sunday's big game: Atlanta 42, New England 33.

Count on it.

                     By Doc Lawrence 

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