Monday, February 20, 2017

What Would George Do?

A President’s Day Observance

By Doc Lawrence
It’s the perfect day to ponder the life and times of George Washington, the undisputed Father of America. A fascinating man: Soldier, gentleman, leader and whiskey maker. Your trip to Washington’s Mount Vernon home just outside the nation’s capital is culturally enriching. Tour and relive vicariously daily life at the farm and distillery. You can even purchase a bottle of George Washington Rye Whiskey for around $100 dollars, made, of course, in accordance with our first president’s formula.

Nan Marshall and Helen Broder’s What Would George Do? Advice from our Founding Father (Pelican Publishing 2013) is my trusted guide for daily behavior. Inspired by Washington’s use of 110 Rules and Decent Behavior copied during his school days from a Jesuit publication, the formidable mother-daughter pair of steel magnolias provided me with a reference when I need reminding (almost daily) of how to conduct myself and the respect others are due from me no matter the situation or circumstance.

This authors apply easy to use wisdom to common situations where guidance is often quite handy.

Several presidents have left a legacy of culture, daring and even a little romance. Those who have visited Monticello in Charlottesville learned that Jefferson was more than the author of the Declaration of Independence. Add farmer, college founder, entertainer and wine collector to his accomplishments. FDR’s favorite picnic location, Dowdell’s Knob on Georgia’s Pine Mountain has a spectacular view and it’s easy to visualize Roosevelt enjoying martinis and food which he regularly shared with friends. Each visit to the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach inspires a vision of an evening in Camelot admiring Jack and Jackie on the dance floor.

Today, I will uncork that bottle of Washington’s Rye Whiskey, pour a couple of jiggers in an Old Fashioned glass, and toast to our first president in gratitude for his devotion to good manners, love of country, excellent whiskey, generosity and dignity.

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  1. Nice article. Wonder what George would do if he were brought back to life today?