Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Georgia's Dylan Scott Pierce-An Exceptional Artist

 ~Doc Lawrence~

Walk into the gallery and the amazing paintings draw you to them. The human eye has an existential connection that enables interpretations of life: a validation of powers not fully understood, but you know it when you see it. “It” happens to be the amazing oils and watercolors of Dylan Scott Pierce.

A native of Marietta, Georgia, the still young artist has won enough recognition that would likely exceed the biographies of other artists twice his age. The old saw says you can’t contain talent. In Pierce’s case, his work with subjects ranging from children to elephants and strangers in a strange land, display a connection between his right brain and the powerfully interpretative forces of the universe.

A Legacy of Hope is the theme of Mr. Pierce’s exhibition at Art Station Gallery in Historic Stone Mountain Village, the heralded theatre, gallery and cabaret adjacent to the giant granite monolith and popular state park. It is a continuation of his travels across the country exhibiting his impressive watercolors and oils that depict in great detail wildlife, portraits of people and scenes of faraway places like Africa.

Dylan Scott Pierce ‘s exhibits total a staggering 40 shows a year including the International ArtExpo in New York City and the Safari Club International in Reno, Nevada. He has already won numerous awards including Best of Show (watercolor), Merit Awards and People's Choice. He regularly attracts praise from local and national media including National Geographic Today, Wildlife Art Magazine, QVC, and Teen People Magazine. His award-winning paintings include the watercolor "Feed My Lambs," that won 1st place and Peoples Choice award in the Portrait Society of Atlanta fall juried exhibition 2016. Another watercolor, "Beholding," earned the 2017 National Award of Excellence in the Alabama Watercolor Society Exhibition.

This Art Station exhibition is slated to close in mid-May. Few galleries have works of such magnitude. His paintings serve not only as a testament to his talent but also confirm the overriding importance of the arts in Georgia and elsewhere.

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