Monday, June 5, 2017

The Dancing Handkerchief-Magic in Atlanta

~Doc Lawrence~

Is it possible to gather small children, millennial parents and septuagenarians into a room and fill the space with joy? Theatrical Outfit accomplishes this with ease through the magic of a musical, the world premiere of The Dancing Handkerchief, a daring stage exercise combining music, dance, and color through the boundless wonder of imagination.

Enjoying this as the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sergeant Pepper’s, the Beatles masterpiece, is a reminder that much of rock music is whimsical. Deborah Bowman as Adult Bastiene belts out a song as the show begins that harkens to the Rolling Stones and The Who. As the story unfolds, the delights of Narnia, Oz and Alice’s Wonderland are revisited in that part of the mind where precious memories of childhood remain.
Mysterioso the Magician

Mysterioso the Magician (Tom Key) and his curious child Bastienne (Devon Hales) journey from an epic separation back to a reunion and learn to see each other in a truer, hope-filled light. A balladeer sings delightful tunes that paint a comic and fantastical world inhabited by a beckoning handkerchief, an otherworldly suitcase, magical creatures and one gigantic, ravenous rabbit.
With original songs by one of the most accomplished voices in the American musical theatre, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winner Robert Lopez (The Book of Mormon, Frozen) The Dancing Handkerchief is a beautiful fable, an entertaining hybrid theatrical extravaganza that provides a pathway to mature magically.

Through June 18.

Photography by Christopher Bartelski

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